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Sunday, October 22, 2006


Panama Canal expansion put to a vote - MarketWatch

Panama Canal expansion put to a vote - MarketWatch

The Panama canal could serve as an ideal case study of the capitalist nature of transportation subsidies -- not only did it's construction involve massive financial subsidies from the U.S.A. (I presume), but it also included political intervention in Latin America.

The current expansion plans seem to rest on the assumption that user's fees would be sufficient to fund the capital improvements. I have no idea whether this is a reasonable expectation, but in the end this is being treated as a political decision (involving the general population) rather than a business decision from the people who have the most knowledge and the most to gain.

Another article from Bloomberg

Saturday, October 21, 2006


The myth of progressive war Martin Shaw - openDemocracy

The myth of progressive war Martin Shaw - openDemocracy

This is part of a dialogue on the Open Democracy website regarding the role of war in human progress. It references "primitive accumulation" so I thought it would be of interest as a marker of what others are saying about this process.


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