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Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Protecting Companies That Mix Profitability, Values : NPR

Protecting Companies That Mix Profitability, Values : NPR

Many anti-corporate activists have asserted that "corporations have no souls, no values", and that all they care about is money. I never got a good explanation for this, those anti-corporate activists viewing it as self evident (even though the state is exempt form this rule, apparently). My take was that corporations exist to do whatever their owners and administrators want them to do.

Like everyone, they only have to seek money to the extent that they need it to survive, or otherwise accomplish what they want.

Anyway, this news report discusses the laws that essentially require corporations to place money over all other values.

I think it also illustrates how corporations are not a natural extension of common-law property rights, instead being a class of institutions legislated into existence to advance the interests of particular interest groups.


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