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Thursday, April 12, 2007


UK Ministry of Defense considers future conflicts

This is a summary of a UK MoD report on the nature of future conflicts. Two considerations caught my attention: the revival of "marxist" movements, and "inter-communal" conflicts.

For the "marxist" section, I interpret this as a re-invigorated movement for economic liberation (our stuff), or perhaps a more formal economic equality (more statist stuff).

Among the "Pressures leading to social unrest", they discuss national identity groups that cross state borders, and the fear that these groups will maintain ancient conflicts even in this new environment. I think that it is important that we find a way to disperse these group-identity based conflicts.

Anyway, read it for yourself: Revolution, flashmobs, and brain chips. A grim vision of the future | Science | Guardian Unlimited

Friday, April 06, 2007


Much ado about tortillas and ethanol

Some perspective on the relationship of biofuels and high tortilla prices. The thesis: the problem isn't the market, it's that regular people (and even entire countries) have lost control of their own economic situations.

How the World Works - Salon.com

Thursday, April 05, 2007


a Wikipedia of maps

Collaborative websites authored by "everyman" allow regular people to quickly share information with the world. Sites like Wikipedia and Daily Kos have contributed to the democratization of information in the recent past.

Now this paradigm is being applied to a new format: maps. Can activists take advantage of this?

Here are two services:

Here are some ideas for how we can use these in our activism:

  • Mark important historical sites (such as Haymarket Square)
  • Increase visibility of radical/alternative institutions (such as the local radical book store, IWW office, or co-op)
  • Plan routes for events (parades, etc)
Any other ideas?


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