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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Book review; the Black Swan by Taleb

I've written a review of The Black Swan, published at Swords Crossed (and elsewhere). This book is a narrative, rather than a rigorous argument, so I don't think there is anything particularly useful for advancing mutualist theory. However, I was impressed by the extent that the author inserted libertarian/anarchist sentiments into a best-seller.

This could end up getting a lot of people interested in libertarianism (in particular Hayek gets a lot of credit).

Thursday, October 02, 2008


Primitive accumulation in action

Land confiscation in Malaysia for cash-crop plantations:

Eviction of 10,000 residents ‘put on hold’

MIRI: The 10,000 residents who have been evicted from their centruty-old villages in northern Sarawak have been given a reprieve for Hari Raya.

The Sept 29 deadline for the residents of the 13 Kedayan-Malay villages in Bekenu district came but there were no bulldozers in sight to demolish their homes.

They had been asked to move out of the land that had been leased out to a Miri property developer for an oil-palm plantation and had sought the help of Sibuti MP Ahmad Lai Bujang.


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