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Saturday, January 21, 2006


How to hide things in public places

Via Marginal Revolution. The title says it all. I think this is relevant to the concept of ownership/possession (if no-one else knows that something exists, no-one can take it from me). Also, the publisher, Loompanics, may be of interest as they have some books on anarchism, survivalism, and other such DIY stuff.

HOW TO HIDE THINGS IN PUBLIC PLACES: " Did you ever want to hide something from prying eyes, yet were afraid to do so in your home? Now you can secrete your valuables away from home, by following Dennis Fiery's eye-opening instructions in How to Hide Things in Public Places. The world around us is filled with cubbyholes and niches that can be safely employed... and this book identifies them. Among the topics covered are:"

FYI. Loompanics just announced that they're going out of business.
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