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Thursday, March 02, 2006


Marginal Revolution: Do we need occupational licensing?

Marginal Revolution: Do we need occupational licensing?: (the entire post is below, for comments go to the MR site)
"Alan Krueger writes:

In a new book, 'Licensing Occupations: Ensuring Quality or Restricting Competition?' (Upjohn Institute, 2006), Morris M. Kleiner, an economist at the University of Minnesota, questions whether occupational licensing has gone too far. He provides much evidence that the balance of occupational licensing has shifted away from protecting consumers and toward limiting the supply of workers in various professions. A result is that services provided by licensed workers are more expensive than necessary and that quality is not noticeably affected.

Read more here. I can't yet find this listed on Amazon.com, any pointers? Here is a pdf of part of the book. Here is a home page for the book.

Thanks for pointing this out! I've been interested in reading up about occupational licensing lately. I recently discovered an old essay from the Journal of Libertarian Studies by Ronald Hamowy called The Early Development of Medical Licensing Laws in the United States, 1875-1900. An interesting read.
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