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Thursday, February 15, 2007


Asia Sentinel - Righting Mao’s Wrongs

Asia Sentinel - Righting Mao’s Wrongs

A interesting article about the struggle for freedom of speech in China today--putting the struggle in the historical context of the "hundred flowers campaign" of 50 years ago, which was meant to promote freedom of thought but was quickly suppressed (the "anti-rightist" campaign) when it expanded to include criticism of the Chinese state.

I sometimes feel that our movement is undermined by the absence (as far as I can tell) of anarchist/mutualist movements in other countries, such as China and Russia. However, for now those peoples are struggling for the most basic freedoms, so a movement for full freedom may be out of place.

Anyway, how can we spread our message to these countries. I've heard that the Chinese government is tolerant of writings that criticize the USA...even if they introduce concepts that implicitly condemn all governments. Too bad I don't know Chinese...

tip to How the World Works.

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