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Sunday, February 25, 2007


Debatepedia--Wikipedia for Debates

I want to bring your attention to Debatepedia--basically a Wikipedia designed to catalog various debates.

I expect that this site will attract all types of readers and contributors--just as Wikipedia does. That means that content added to this site will be read by partisans and ideologues of all types, and also by regular Joes who just want a quick overview of an issue. You may want to contribute arguments as part of your outreach activities.

This seems to be aim to be a popular reference site, as opposed to rigorous debating wikis like Chains of Reason or Wikireason (apparently defunct). All contributions to Debatepedia should reflect points made by "third-party" authors. I hope that they are pretty liberal for deciding what counts for "third-party"...and that this rule only serves to make sure that all the arguments have been thought through and vetted by at least one person before being added to the Wiki.

Think of your favorite writers, and add their arguments to Debatepedia!

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